10 Managing funding tips

  1. Have a work plan and plan in the context of your organisations existing work beware of being funding led!
  2. Create a draft idealĀ project plan and costs and review as many times as needed before submitting
  3. Is it realistic with clear outcome and outputs? If not, modify range of work, and size (e.g. target area, groups targeted, users or volunteer numbers, increase staff hours)
  4. Do not under-estimate budgets remember core cost and inflation- Applying for less than necessary does not mean it will be more successful!
  5. Research for appropriate funders and consider match-funding if necessary
  6. Be careful to co-ordinate funding applications so that some are left for later priorities.
  7. Understand your funders priorities and encourage someone to speak to them if possible
  8. Don't give less or more information than is asked for
  9. Prepare in good time and get someone outside to review it.
  10. Evaluate for your organisation and users not just for the funders.


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CAP is committed to prioritising service delivery to under-resourced organisations. We are committed to;

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