The Fundraising Cycle

The fundraising cycle (FR) helps you understand the stages that are involved in planning and implementing your fundraising plan. It will help you to ensure that fundraising activities are maximised for the benefit of the organisation, its beneficiaries and donors and that FR plan are linked to the organisations objectives.


The Fundraising Cycle:

Stage one: The Case for Support

This is a statement, which explains why a donor should give to the organisation. It should be clear, concise, and motivating and give enough information so that the donor can make an informed decision to give. This can also be seen as an outline proposal¬Ě.

Stage Two: Research

Research is necessary to help you find the individuals, trusts, foundations and companies who may be interested in supporting the organisation. This can be done using the Internet, Directories of funders (available from Reference Libraries), and CD ROMs/software programmes (e.g. FunderFinder, available from HCVS).

Research can also involve testing publicity and fundraising materials and looking into how other organisations fundraises.
Researching the specific donors needs can also help you to decide on the most appropriate approach/communication to use.

Stage Three: Develop the Plan

Planning and co-ordination the fundraising activities, taking into account relevant external and internal factors (e.g. availability of staff, other events, resources and finance). Good planning ensures activities are adequately resourced; cost effective, organised well and can help manage and reduce risk.

Your FR plan should set bout your funding needs, which you plan to approach and how, the fundraising activities you plan to implement and some targets and milestones to work towards.

Stage Four: Monitoring and Evaluation

Finally, your fundraising activity should be monitored so that successes can be built upon next time and any changes can be made to improve events or applications that went less well. The fundraising cycle than begins again, building on relationships with existing donors and approaching new ones.

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