The Expectation Gap

What an audit is (and is not)

We provide some thoughts on how our clients can help us to carry out the audit efficiently, and in so doing help keep costs down.

Here, we examine the main purpose of the audit: to provide an opinion on the accounts. Do they, in the famous phrase of the profession, provide a true and fair view of the organisations finances?

Although we are required to give an opinion, it is the responsibility of the trustees to prepare the annual accounts. Of course, we are often asked to help in making them SORP compliant. We also frequently assist with the preparation of monthly management accounts. Nevertheless, the ultimate responsibility rests with the trustees.

No doubt most people involved in charity management know this. However, we sometimes find that there is a degree of uncertainty about what, specifically, an audit coves (and what it dose not) the expectation gap, as it is sometimes called. This is particularly true when it comes to the effectiveness of systems and controls, and the assessment of risk.

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Paying Wages

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Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy applies to trustees and all staff, and should be read in conjunction with the declaration of interests form.

Why we have a policy

Trustees have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the charity, and in accordance with the charity's governing document. Staff and volunteers have similar obligations. Conflicts of interests may arise where an individual's personal or family interest and/or loyalties conflict with those of the charity. Such conflicts may create problems; they can;

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Tendering Auditors

Information about charity for the tendering auditors should include:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Brief details of its history and current operations
  • Organisation structure including governance
  • Finance - enclose last two years audited accounts and summary information about the organisation including any future plans for growth or retention
  • What sort of auditor the organisation is looking for - e.g. expertise in your particular area of charitable activity, other service such as VAT advice,attendance at trustee meetings etc


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Companies Act 2006

The following changes have already taken place

Some things are optional, others are not:

You must:
Be aged 16 or over to be appointed as a director.

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Financial Policy


1.1 Financial records will be kept so that Name of organisation can:

(a) Meet its legal and other obligations, e.g. Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise, organisation law, common law and to funders.

(b) Enable the Management Committee to be in proper financial control of Name of organisation and make proper financial decisions.

(c) Enable Name of organisation to meet the contractual obligations and requirements of funders.

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Values and Ethos

CAP is committed to prioritising service delivery to under-resourced organisations. We are committed to;

Providing high quality, accessible, low cost services.
Equal opportunities - both in recognising diversity and in seeking to respond to meet these needs.
Encouraging organisations to be independent and enabling them to help themselves.
Providing our services on an independent and confidential basis.


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