Payroll Service

  • Community Accountancy Project (CAP) offers: Weekly / monthly preparation of payroll with professional printed payslips.
  • HM Revenue & Customs - monthly reports & web-submissions.

CAP will represent clients to resolve queries where necessary.


One-off set up fee is chargeable at £80.00 Price:

Employees  Monthly  Weekly 
 1-5 £27.50  £35.75 
6-10  £55.00  £71.50 
11-15  £82.50  £107.25 
16-20 £110.00 £143.00

£5.50 per employee Monthly

£7.15 per employee weekly

With the above service level CAP will offer:

  • Monthly payroll with pre-printed pay slips
  • Payroll summary indicating what the HMRC liabilities
  • Month end payroll report electronic submission to HMRC

Paid up members receives a 25% reduction on the above.

Values and Ethos

CAP is committed to prioritising service delivery to under-resourced organisations. We are committed to;

Providing high quality, accessible, low cost services.
Equal opportunities - both in recognising diversity and in seeking to respond to meet these needs.
Encouraging organisations to be independent and enabling them to help themselves.
Providing our services on an independent and confidential basis.


Contact Us

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